User agreement
This agreement was drawn up in Russian. If any translation of this Agreement is in conflict with its Russian version, the priority remains with the Russian version.

Agreement on the rights and responsibilities
This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities («Agreement») is based on the project’s mission and is a terms of service that define our relationship with users and others who interact with the project. Using project or getting access to it, you unconditionally accept this agreement, which is updated periodically in accordance with Section 14 below.. Confidentiality
We care about your privacy. We have developed a policy of using data to uncover it important information about how you can use the project, and how we collect and can use your materials and information. We advise you to read the policy on the use of data and use it to make informed decisions.

2. Distribution of your materials and information
You own all the materials and information you post or submit to the project. Without your consent, they will never be disclosed to third parties not involved in the project. Also we value your feedback or other suggestions for improving the project, but you expressly agree that we may use them without incurring any obligation to pay such proposals (as well as you are not obligated to provide proposals).

3. Register
PROJECT Members shall indicate their real e-mail, as well as provide real information about yourself, and we would like you to adhere to these rules. Listed below are some obligations that you assume when registering:
1. You will not post false personal information or to register on behalf of another person without proper authorization.
2. You will not register more than a certain amount of time specified in the rules of the project.

4. Protecting the rights of others
We respect the rights of others and expect this from you.
1. Using the project, you will not post material infringes or violates someone else’s rights or laws, or to perform a similar action.
2. We reserve the right to remove any material or information that you posted on the project or to cancel the registration, if we believe that it violates this Agreement.
3. You will not use the facilities of our copyright or trademarks, or any signs, similar to a project logo for commercial purposes.

5. Other
1. This Agreement is an agreement between the parties with respect to the project and supersedes any prior agreements.
2. If any part of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable, the rest of it will remain in full force and effect.
3. Nothing contained in this provision shall not prevent our compliance with the law.
4. This Regulation does not confer any third party beneficiary rights.
5. We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.
6. You will comply with all applicable laws when using the PROJECT.