When you have a dream, that’s fine. When your dream comes true-that is priceless.

Without hesitation, this claim can confirm project participant Anastasia Novik, because her dream came true on the eve of Easter.

A month ago, the site received an application from the 12-year-old Anastasia Novick from the Belarusian village Suhliči, Kletsk district. The girl told about her successes as an aspiring artist. For further growth the girl needed a graphic tablet.

The project team took up the cherished dream of Anastasia gladly. Moreover , it was decided to merge the dreams of a girl with the official launch of the project (Congrats to all of us, by the way!)


19 April weather proved that we were on the right way. The team left for the southwest region. After driving nearly 2 hours, we were on site. Very friendly villagers have shown the way to the home of the young artist, and we were met by a curious dog at a small back yard.

Nastya didn’t expected that her dream would be fulfilled, but however believed that it would happen.

You shoul always leave the doubts and just believe in yourself and your strength, without trying to justify failures. Believe in the correctness of your choice, without any conditionalities.



After the coffee in the fresh air with delicious homemade cake and candy there was showcasing the works of Nastya, walk to Lake, talk about school and about the future.


We believe that in the future, Nastya will succeed at her commitment to this dream of becoming professional and recognized artist. If today we can help her develop her talent, it is impossible not to use such a chance.


By participating in our project, you are making the world  kinder and  people happier!

Once again, we are making sure that the dream is easy. We returned home, not doubting that the project should live and all of us go to the next level-the conscious and responsible society.

Remember that the project is very simple. Fill out the form here.